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Experience this cutting-edge technology at Brisbane Airport. Make a transaction on the Blockchain and share it with the world.

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We have more than 30 merchants that accept payment in cryptocurrency across international and domestic terminals.

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Travelers from all over the world are coming to Brisbane Airport to experience the technology. Every transaction they make displayed live below for the whole world to see.

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More than just a Payment System

We are only at the beginning of this digital revolution. Blockchain technology has the ability to increase transparency and efficiency in international commerce.


"We sell a lot of natural Australian products…it would be great to explore how the Blockchain can help increase consumer trust around the origin of these goods."

What the World is Saying

This new technology has the whole world raving about what the future might look like. Read the articles below to see what all the hype is about.


Coin Telegraph

25 JAN, 2018

The airport is working with local and international companies to make the entire terminal cryptocurrency friendly, with stores, coffee shops and restaurants accepting Bitcoin, Ether and Dash.

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Lonely Planet

FEB 2, 2018

If you happen to have some wildly valuable Bitcoin hanging around, there’s now a chance to spend some of the cryptocurrency at an Australian Airport.

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Fox News

31 JAN, 2018

Australia’s Brisbane Airport quietly announced last week that it will soon allow travelers to pay with crypto coins at its terminal shopping areas, according to iT news. It will be the first airport in the world to do so.

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Who's Spending What?

We are demonstrating a real world use case for digital currencies in the Travel Industry. We are integrating the most established currencies.

*This chart reflects the percentages based on the total number of transactions.

*This chart reflects the percentages based on the total value transacted.

The coins we support:

Coins coming soon:

*Please note charts reflect stats from recent transactions. As older transactions drop off charts will continue to automatically update.

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Our goal is quite simple: to enable businesses, both small and large, to seamlessly accept cryptocurrency payments. We believe that this will become the foundation of a more fair and simple system.
Blockchain technology is disrupting the traditional financial landscape. Join us today in our effort to move towards a digital future. Whether you’re a business or simply a curious traveler, get in touch with us today and test out the tech!

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